Creating Impact
Training, Consulting, Marketing

Our Mission is to:

  • Deliver immediate impact and life-long solutions and skills
  • Support the fulfillment of individual's potential and aspirations
  • Promote professionalism with impact for corporate and personal results
  • Serve as a catalyst for knowledge transfer

    Our Success Factors are:

  • A diversified portfolio of expertise
  • A cross-cultural facilitation team
  • An interactive group-learning environment
  • A fully-certified consulting and marketing team

    Peak Persona International (PPI) believes in our ability to define needs and being able to create innovative learning opportunities to transfer the required skills. With our diverse expertise we design learning to achieve competency in Soft Skills as well as Technical Skills.

    PPI offers full-service packages that are customized to our valued clients: via one-to-one consultations and corporate seminars and training. Our services are designed to help you and the company to create the right image that contributes to your personal and corporate branding, enhancing your confidence with valuable skills to enrich your personal and professional life.

    PPI is committed to provide consulting services that deliver immediate impact and long-term results. All our subject-matter experts are well versed and come with a diversified portfolios and industry experiences. Majority of our trainers are also certified image consultants from First Impressions, a leading UK image consultancy based in Cambridge, England.

    Face Directions : Perfectly Fitted Colours
    Colour Directions : Wear Your Best Colours
    Style Directions : Professional Style & Substance for MEN
    Style Directions : Professional Image & Style for WOMEN
    Graduate's Image Coaching
    Successful Interviews

    Training Services:
    Corporate Image
    Professional & Business Behavior
    Customer Service
    Network Building Skills
    Presentation Skills
    Team Building
    Coaching Skills
    Cross Cultures Dinning & Entertainment Etiquette
    Successful Interviews
    Business Communication
    Personal Development
    Poise & Deportment
    Personal Figure Analysis
    Wardrobe Management
    Personal Shopper
    Customized Corporate Workshops and Seminar Series
    Public Talks

    Other Marketing Services :
    Lead Generation Programs
    Customer Loyalty Programs
    Conceptual Development
    Production of Promotional Materials
    On-site management and Set-up of Events
    Destination Management
    Pre and Post-event Marketing Activities and Arrangements
    Post-event Evaluation Management
    Budgeting Reports and Consolidation
    Delegate Surveys / Feedback Compilation
    Public Relations
    Media Promotion

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