Professional Style & Substance – Gain The Competitive Edge

“Can I wear this tie with this shirt?” Men have asked this question for years.

But now there’s a new twist: “Should I wear a tie—at all?”

Do you dress like you mean BUSINESS ?

Your personalized consultations will help you quickly and confidently decide exactly what to wear to work. Especially for men, a useful guide to build up his working wardrobe that is appropriate, efficient, and adaptable for work and leisure environments.

- Professional Presence through Harmony in Colors
- Taboo of Men’s Dressing and Grooming
- All about Shirts, Trousers and Suits
- Finding Your Fit :Top-to-Bottom
- Choose the best suit for your body
- A Knotty Subject
- Never-fail Shirt-Tie Combos
- Hairstyles, Glasses and Accessories
- Wardrobe Management
- Cracking Dress Codes

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