Corporate Training Programs – Immediate Impact, Life-long Benefits

In today's global marketplace, the brand asset management is essential as this is how the companies can drive profits more effectively through your employees. They are the face of your organization to clients, customers and associates. The corporate investment decision is about the returns that can be achieved from a more effective, professional and motivated team of staff.

Are your people consistent with your corporate brand? Do they look, communicate and conduct your business as your industry's best representative? Remember, the key to gain the competitive edge is derived from employees who project personal power and influence through individual presentations, consistent with the company's brand objectives.

Modular workshops are customized for your company and industry. This may include: executive coaching on a one-to-one basis, group training, in both commercial and uniformed work forces.

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Modular Programs are classified into three main modules:

Module 1: Impress at First Sight
This module provides constructive, practical advice for men and ladies on how to look your best and find the clothes that complement your natural colorings, figure type, personality and lifestyle.

- Corporate Image
- Master the mysteries of colours
- Proper dress sense
- Your personality, your style
- Business Basics 101
- Dress for authority and credibility
- Proper Fit : Top–to-Bottom
- Dress codes for different occasions
- Corporate Uniform Advice

Module 2: Manners, Etiquette and Professional Behavior
This module demonstrates how you can heighten your emotional quotient (EQ)
and project charisma to ensure success.

- Principles of professional behavior
- Deportment, visual poise and posture
- Social and business etiquette
- Telephone etiquette
- Dining and business entertainment etiquette
- Cross-cultural differences

Module 3: The Art of Effective Communication
This module sharpens your techniques in communicative skills. Through choosing responses to life experiences, one chooses his/her results.

- Body Language (non-verbal communicative skill)
- Listening Skills
- Questioning Skills
- Building Networking Skills
- Presentation Skills
- Public Speaking Skills
- Corporate Network Skills

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